Opportunity knocks

27 Mar

CV-19 might just become our ticket out of the mess that capitalism has created.

As before, although now with astonishing clarity, the flaws in our economic system are now glaringly obvious. All at a time when the organisation, compassion, cooperation, sharing, kindness and self-sacrifice of humans is at it’s most evident.

Hourly, examples of the failure of the monetary system, and the inevitable success of the Resource Based system arrive across our desks.  87% pay cuts for pro-footballers, and free cut flower deliveries for essential workers…the lists grow and grow.

Of course there’s absolutely no way, on earth, that the financial cost of this event can be paid. Farcical actually. We couldn’t ‘afford’ our way of life before. You really would have to be mad to think all this can somehow be ‘paid for’, and for life to carry on as before.

Thus the glaring obviousness of adopting a Resource Based Economy, forgiving all debt and abandoning money entirely, becomes the default setting.  All work voluntary, and everything free.

Everybody wins.



Induced Desperation

25 Mar

As the monetary system drives us numbed into oblivion, new disease symptoms reveal themselves in the connected global population.     My latest favourite is that of Induced Desperation.

Humankind, having scientifically solved basically all the major challenges to successful sustainable existence, develops pretend ailments to prop up and justify it’s systemic fundamental flaws.

Where a society is perpetually reliant upon a continuous cycle of ‘growth’, the majority of it’s members must be maintained in a state of Induced Desperation, or perceived poverty. We see this everywhere. No matter how much we have, the Marketing experts (see next blog) keep us wanting, desperately, more.

As we witness. If humans feel desperate, or impoverished, they will naturally behave in desperate ways.

As is now obvious, treating the symptoms ; poverty, pollution, climate threats, animal welfare, obesity etc, is utterly futile.

When we abandon the Monetary System, the actual ailment, which we can now, all our ‘symptoms’ will naturally heal.

Superfast Broadband, Educated women

25 Sep

The awful picture emerges.

For the first time in history, the women we hold so dear are now armed and dangerous.

They have been educated and indoctrinated from birth and we are now witnessing their essential hand in the progressive dismantling of the future of civilisation. Just when we were on the verge of success as a species.

Now firmly installed in significant positions of industrial and commercial influence, those chosen by nature to nurture and protect us have been turned into our predators. The enemy is now within.

Marketing experts  have known for some time that fear is the ultimate motivator. It compels living creatures to act before all else. As a persuasive tool to get people to buy stuff, it is unsurpassed. Now that marketing companies have female  doctors of psychology working for them, the rest of us don’t stand a chance.  Advertising ain’t what it used to be.

Worse still, now that women have so much purchasing power, they, and their instinctive nature to protect us, are being specifically targetted as the prime buyers of ‘fear’ commodities. For example ; security, suncream, supplements, ‘health’ products, etc.  Additionally, tapping knowingly into every woman’s utterly natural feelings of vulrenable self-esteem, they now purposely generate fear and thus the purchasing of interior design, fashion, cosmetic and trend items such as home make-overs, up-to-date clothing, hair styles and gadgetry. This ultimately results in the homoginization of femininity and thus humanity. If you don’t have hair, skin, teeth, figure, clothing, make-up, tastes, music, gadgets, vacations, sex, pets, cars, house, partners etc like those on TV or in the movies or magazines, then there’s something wrong with you. You will be ostracised from normal society and you definitely will be unable to attract a partner. Noting here that almost everything one is able to read, watch or hear in New Zealand comes from essentially three sources. All owned by Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch types who no doubt only have our best interests at heart.

They also own nearly all the shops, factories and mines.

A moneyless, barterless economy, where everything is free, all work is voluntary, may be our only way out now. One last lunge at redemption.

The children of today, having been so skillfuly processed by the marketing industry since conception, will have no concept of cynicism, meaningful change or critical thought. They have been raised on a manipulated diet of conformity and subservience. Their ‘protest’ will be benign ‘Liking’ on Facebook, or signing on-line petitions agains whale hunting from their call-centre desk computers.

As we borrow yet more money to pay for Superfast Broadband, we welcome the Trojan horse of advertising into every pocket, bedroom, home, school and community in the country, filled to overflowing with sexy, shiny, happy goodies that our martiarchal benefactors have designed for us.

A Resource Based Economy shows there is some cause for hope.

But we, yes we, will have to act soon.


We can now solv…

18 Sep

We can now solve the problem of poverty

There is ample food, shelter and welfare available in the world. With today’s technology and knowledge, it is almost effortless to produce.  The problem with these poor people is that they don’t have money. In the current, outdated system, one must have money to get life. 

As soon as we stop using money, all the advancements that humans have made can be shared by all.



17 Sep

The days of mass, compulsory education are over. And we still wonder why the whole system is failing, irrelevant, outdated and unaffordable. Not to mention just a tragic waste of young beautiful minds.

Once we transition to a moneyless, Resource Based Economy, the pointless, wasteful and harming activities and industries/institutions will simply fall away. Near the top of that list, good old school.

There is no point in force-teaching children to compete with each other to get meaningless jobs at the end of a drawn out expensive confinement.

As soon as we realize that human’s drive for ‘progress’ has basically come far enough, practically everyone can sit back and enjoy a fantastic, rich life to the full. There is enough for everybody, and we now have the knowledge and the machines to easily provide for us.

The only reason the educational monster keeps going is to brainwash the innocent into believing that the world is a harsh, tough place where we have to compete for supposedly scarce resources. Thus ensuring we trample on our fellows to try and get to the top of an ever steepening ‘success’ mountain. And only the super rich gain from all of our environmentally and socially disastrous efforts.

We don’t want jobs !

17 Sep

How long will it be before anybody realizes that ‘jobs’ are not going to get us out of this mess we’re in.


The machines do everything now. There will never be full employment again. Thank God !

Work =drudgery

‘Redundancy’ =Freedom

In the current paradigm, the system has us believing that a ‘job’ allows us access to life. So what happens when a technological gain replaces labourers ? Obviously, those humans lose their access to life.

Now the machines do nearly everything, human labour itself becomes redundant.

So, what do we do ? Easy. Stop using the money system, which merely ensures that most people remain desperate and poor as it funnels all planetary resources through a false control.

Without a money system, humans no longer have to compete and be slaves. They will co-operate and be free.

Resource Based Economy

27 Jul

The solution to the world’s  problems is now visible.

Abandon currency.

We can do it.

We don’t need anyone’s approval.

We don’t need to wait.

We don’t need to believe.

We only need to understand.

We will be free…..

Start learning, until you understand. That is all you will have to do.

I can show you    :*)

Hello world!

27 Jul

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