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17 Sep

The days of mass, compulsory education are over. And we still wonder why the whole system is failing, irrelevant, outdated and unaffordable. Not to mention just a tragic waste of young beautiful minds.

Once we transition to a moneyless, Resource Based Economy, the pointless, wasteful and harming activities and industries/institutions will simply fall away. Near the top of that list, good old school.

There is no point in force-teaching children to compete with each other to get meaningless jobs at the end of a drawn out expensive confinement.

As soon as we realize that human’s drive for ‘progress’ has basically come far enough, practically everyone can sit back and enjoy a fantastic, rich life to the full. There is enough for everybody, and we now have the knowledge and the machines to easily provide for us.

The only reason the educational monster keeps going is to brainwash the innocent into believing that the world is a harsh, tough place where we have to compete for supposedly scarce resources. Thus ensuring we trample on our fellows to try and get to the top of an ever steepening ‘success’ mountain. And only the super rich gain from all of our environmentally and socially disastrous efforts.